Hypertherm Plasma Machines | UK and Ireland
Bentech Dragon CNC Tube Plasma Installation Uk

Ireland | Munster

Another new Bendtech customer who no longer needs a saw going all day for pipe-work

Plasma Cutting L angle - Bentech Dragon

England | Cornwall

Agri-Machinery manufacturer brings home outsourced laser tube work

Plasma Cut rectangle and square tubeing with the Dragon

Northern Irl | Ulster

Sub -Contracting cutting and folding firm increase productivity with L-Angle attachment

Bend-Tech Software: Design & Fabrication CAD software for Tube, Pipe, and Sheet Metal. Bend-Tech Dragon: Complete CAD/CAM/CNC tube plasma

Box section cutting machines and service

England | Derbyshire

Scaffolding manufacturer installs new dragon A400 tube plasma

Roll cage fabrication with tube plasma

England | Midlands

Motorsport Company install A400 for all Cage work

Easy to make handrails with CNC Tube Plasma

Ireland | Dublin

Large Blue chip multinational expand production with Dragon CNC Tube